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TERN, the asset you’ve been looking for.

TERN is Ternio’s own cryptocurrency that is based on the Stellar blockchain.

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The Perfect Value Exchange

TERN is Ternio’s own cryptocurrency that is based on the Stellar blockchain. It is a perfect value exchange for instant peer to peer micropayments and often confirms transactions in under 5 seconds for fractions of a penny. TERN can be exchanged peer to peer with any wallet that supports Stellar based assets, but is given even utility as the payment token used on all Ternio products including Lexicon and BlockCard.

If you’re looking for a crypto based asset with near instant confirmation, global payment capabilities, and 24/7/365 availability - then TERN is the asset you have been looking for.


Pairing TERN with BlockCard makes TERN as good as US Dollars!

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Crypto Back Rewards

If you participate in the TERN staking program on BlockCard, you’re entitled to earn crypto back rewards on all merchant purchases. Crypto back comes in the form of TERN deposited to a user’s BlockCard account at the end of each month based on the user's purchasing history. Crypto back rewards are issued on almost every merchant purchase and can be viewed under the ``Rewards Transactions`` tab in the BlockCard account. All crypto back rewards are spendable on BlockCard.

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Spendable Asset

Every BlockCard uses TERN as the default spendable asset. This means all non-TERN deposits such as Bitcoin are instantly converted to TERN when deposited to a user’s BlockCard account. The value of TERN on BlockCard is influenced by the usage of the BlockCard ecosystem. As users deposit to their account, the value of TERN increases. As people spend, the value decreases. The utility of TERN is built directly into the functionality and adoption of BlockCard.


TERN has an enterprise level application!

Lexicon is Ternio’s patent-pending blockchain framework that has been independently verified at over 1 million transactions per second and was previously approved as an Amazon Advanced Tech Partner. TERN can be used as a payment token on Lexicon, but is not always required as Lexicon was designed to handle data sets and payment sets independently. This means companies using Lexicon may opt for a stablecoin instead of TERN when doing payment remittance.

TERN’s pairing with Lexicon has become increasingly important as companies, governments, and central banks begin to emulate what Facebook is attempting with Libra. Ternio’s blockchain framework demonstrates how blockchain can make the movement of money - better, faster, and more efficient.


Any wallet that supports Stellar based assets will support TERN. We recommend Lobstr.co as our preferred partner. Plese make sure that you “add TERN” as an asset with any of these wallets.

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Does your wallet support TERN? Message us and we’ll add it to the list!


TERN is independently traded on many centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. This liquidity pool exists outside of Ternio as a company and users are free to buy, sell, or trade TERN on any of these platforms.

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Does your exchange support TERN? Message us and we’ll add it to the list!

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