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10 Million TERN Tokens For Sale

Scaling out the building blocks of Ternio’s products and technology


10,000,000 TERN OTC Sale

In preparation for the upcoming release of BlockCard as well as future exchange listings, Ternio is releasing 10 million TERN tokens for sale. Our goal has always been to thoughtfully and methodically release tokens into the ecosystem that will benefit the underlying utility of Ternio’s products and broaden our customer reach.

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This sale is designed to help increase the overall circulating supply of TERN as well as the overall liquidity for current and upcoming exchanges.  Exchanges play a critical role in the underlying processing of BlockCard transactions so it is important that trade volume is available.

TERN Sale rules:

  1. TERN will be sold at $0.03 (current market rate) in tranches ranging from $2,500 (83,333 TERN) to $25,000 (833,333 TERN).
  2. Sale is only available to international residents or US based residents with accredited investor status.
  3. The sale will end after 3 days or when the 10 million TERN has been sold (whichever comes first).
  4. All purchase transactions will be verified and processed manually.  
  5. Accepted currencies are BTC, ETH, XLM, BCH, LTC, or USD.

If you’re interested in purchasing TERN, please fill out the following form:

Are you a US resident?  
If you are a US resident, are you accredited?  
How much TERN do you want?  
How do you want to fund?  

Limited: 10M OTC Sale of TERN 0 Days 4 Hours 43 Minutes 35 Seconds
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