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Leading the Charge

Ternio’s mission is to revolutionize the blockchain industry and we can only achieve that with the team behind us.

Ternio, Team, Daniel-Gouldman
Daniel Gouldman
Chief Executive Officer
Ternio, Team, Ian
Ian Kane
Chief Operating Officer
Ternio, Team, Keith-Johnson
Keith Johnson
General Manager
Ternio, Team, Corey
Corey Ballou
Chief Technology Officer
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-8
Anne Blanchard
Human Resources
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-7
Dontrail Cotlage
Information Security
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-4
Adelin Bostina
Web Developer
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-1
G.P. Worrell
User Experience
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-6
Omar Furrer
Full Stack Developer
Ternio, Team, daniel-v
Daniel Valencia
Web Developer
Ternio, Team, team-reggie
Reggie Escobar
Full Stack Developer
Ternio, Team, ternio-team-2
Natasha Milosevic
Social Media
Ternio, Team, dennis
Dennis Oosting
Social Media
Ternio, Team, kata
Kata Araujo
Customer Support
Ternio, Team, wesley
Wesley Secrest
Customer Support
Ternio, Team, IMG-1749
Rose Votkevich
Compliance Officer
Ternio, Team, Chelsea
Chelsea Nicolas
Marketing Manager
Ternio, Team, Carlos
Carlos Cerrato
Program Manager
Ternio, Team, Hugo
Hugo Samayoa
Systems Infrastructure
Ternio, Team, rui
Rui Gomes
Full Stack Developer
Ternio, Team, TernioBLOCK250px

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Ternio, Team, TernioBLOCK250px

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