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The Only Blockchain Capable of High QPS Programmatic Advertising

TERNIO provides the only scalable and decentralized blockchain framework, capable of over 1 million transactions per second

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850K7M MAX
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Fixed token edition 3.000.000 BITS

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Improving Programmatic Advertising

Ternio is a blockchain months in the making that will improve the way programmatic advertising is bought and sold by bringing complete transparency to the market.

A Blockchain Built Around Speed & Transparency

Ternio is a multifaceted blockchain framework utilizing an internal blockchain called Lexicon for immediate smart contracts supporting transactions of advertisements and a communication layer for ultra-fast programmatic data transfer.

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Transparent Supply Chain

Ternio was build to complement the existing supply chain by bringing full transparency into the costs associated with each layer. When enabled, Ternio is able to combine all of the information from the entire chain into a single ledger for each and every impression.

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Security and Fraud Prevention

Ad fraud can occur in many forms, and we at Ternio do not accept that the resulting loss in revenue is just part of the cost of doing business. Ternio enables brands and ad agencies to fight the most common forms, giving control back to the buyer.

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One Blockchain for Programmatic

Payments, Security, and Full Transparency. Ternio blockchain streamlines the process from the start of the supply chain all the way through to publisher payment using cryptographic technology, secure transparent logs, and fraud prevention.

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Instant Supply Chain Payments

The ad supply chain is often paid Net 60-90 at month's end. Ternio expedites payments by allowing advertisers & publishers to transact instantly based on individual impressions -- publishers get instant, automatic payments without borders or fees.

One Advertising Strategy

For Everyone Across The Board

We’re Agnostic and Work with Brands, Ad Agencies, Ad Technology Companies, and Media Owners

One Advertising Strategy

For Creating Efficiencies

Creating Efficiencies and Improving Results for both Media Buyers and Media Sellers

One Advertising Strategy

For Making Decisions

Make Decisions In Real Time With Our Interface Or Run A Node To Collect Raw Datasets and Extrapolate Customized Results

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Work With Us!

We’re Agnostic and Work with Brands, Ad Agencies, Ad Technology Companies, and Media Owners