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One blockchain to meet all needs

Ternio provides white-label technology to enterprise customers giving blockchain and cryptocurrency real world application. Ternio solved the issues related to blockchain scalability and payment utility of cryptocurrency to demonstrate how enterprise can use this tech to become better, faster, and more efficient.

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100% Decentralized

Lexicon has the flexibility to be able to run within both a permissioned and open environment based on the use-case.

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100% On-Chain

Our team has worked tirelessly to hold to the belief that on-chain decentralization is critical to the future of blockchain.

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100% Verified

The information contained on Lexicon is verified by the network participants, ensuring transparency and security.

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Capable of 1 million transactions per second, Lexicon provides a blockchain framework the can be utilized extensively and seamlessly.

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Secure + Flexible

Security is critical for any infrastructure. Lexicon utilizes a BFT algorithm to encrypt and secure all transactions.

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Available Now

Our technology be applied to any enterprise or government environment. Learn how Lexicon can improve your operation.

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How It Works

Ternio is a multifaceted blockchain framework utilizing an internal blockchain called Lexicon for immediate smart contracts supporting transactions of advertisements and a communication layer for ultra-fast programmatic data transfer.

One Framework

For Every Blockchain

By creating a single blockchain framework that is capable of meeting all of the needs of every industry, Lexicon is set to transform the world as we know it. Lexicon is set to change the way that we look and think about blockchain and how it is used in our daily lives.

One Framework

For Every Industry

The reality is that a single blockchain ledger cannot hold all of the world’s data and still be fully decentralized. This is not the case today, and will not be the case in the future.

One Framework

For Every Cryptocurrency

Lexicon is a blockchain revolving around data. Any application, infrastructure, company, or industry is able to utilize Lexicon while still holding to their cryptocurrency of choice.

Use Case Examples

Ternio solved the issues related to blockchain scalability and payment utility of cryptocurrency to demonstrate how companies will become better, faster, and more efficient.

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Programmatic Advertising

Ternio is a blockchain months in the making that will improve the way automatic advertising is bought and sold by bringing complete transparency to the market.

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Ternio's product and services portfolio gives us the ability to provide many different solutions for government like rapid payment processing, white label solutions, and contract processing.

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Ternio is a global fintech platform built on blockchain. Ternio’s platform connects traditional enterprise, fintech, banking, systems with blockchain infrastructure giving real world utility to digital assets.

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