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Ternio partnered with Republic for our first oversubscribed equity raise

Ternio BlockCard – The platform to move money instantly – is not actively seeking investment

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Republic (OpenDeal Portal LLC, CRD #283874) is hosting this Reg CF securities offering by Ternio, LLC. View the official SEC filing and all updates:

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FORM C | SEC.gov

Campaign Updates

News and updates from the Republic.io investment campaign.

May 21


A Monstrous update! Bank Accounts released + Media coverage + $865,000 Raised, and More!

Hi Everyone – Apologies on the silence.  It has been longer than I wanted since the last update, but we have been very busy.  I think this update will show!  Let’s get right to the good stuff.

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Apr 28


Republic invited Ternio to extend our campaign – and we accepted! Details on why we did and how this benefits you.

Hi Everyone – You may recall from my last update that Ternio was invited to extend our campaign by Republic.  After some thought we decided it was the best course of action for the benefit of Ternio as well as our investors.   People have questions so let me get right to the details!

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Apr 24


$584,000 📈raised and growing, Ternio coverage on CoinTelegraph and CryptoDaily, PLUS a possible campaign extension!

Let me start this with a big Thank You!  https://twitter.com/IamIanKane/status/1253726034949746694?s=20

We’ve raised over $584,000 so far and things keep growing by the hour!   With more than 2088 investors and just six days left on our campaign, our investors have done a lot to position Ternio for future success. We are building incredible things, and we want you on board (if you’re still following). Thank you for getting us this far and helping propel us into the future!

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Apr 14


6.38% in Unlimited Crypto Back Rewards!

Today is a big day for Ternio!   Starting today, BlockCard users will be entitled to earn up to 6.38% back in cryptocurrency rewards on all BlockCard purchases – with no limit on the amount they can earn.

You can spend $100 or $100,000 and earn up to 6.38% on all merchant purchases.

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