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Providing financial solutions for government

TERNIO provides the only scalable and decentralized blockchain framework, capable of over 1 million transactions per second.

Crypterium ICO ends:

Discount 47% from final price

850K7M MAX
Soft capTotal raised: 1 864 866$

Fixed token edition 3.000.000 BITS

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Improving Acquisition Efficiencies

Ternio is working with the Health and Human Services to create a blockchain architecture that can handle the scale of data and weight of Artificial Intelligence being used to improve acquisition efficiencies of goods and services.

A Blockchain Built To Connect

Ternio’s Lexicon blockchain architecture is being used to connect all systems to create one singular data set and Artificial intelligence is being used to sit on top of those data sets.

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Using blockchain provides complete transparency into every dollar spent - with who, when and what for. Payments can be made in complicated payment supply chains giving the flexibility which allows for payments down an entire supply chain of work for subcontractors.

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Encryption & ID Verification

There are innumerous security features borne from blockchain technology due to its encrypted and decentralized nature. which can apply to anything from improving the security of missile systems to preventing unobscured access to data and identity verification that is completely tamper-proof.

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Scalability to make private, permissioned systems work at scale (Patent pending), Ternio’s Lexicon technology (patent pending) allows for scalability – fully on chain – using a layer two solution on top of private, permissioned blockchain systems.

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Powerful Solutions

Ternio's product and services portfolio gives us the ability to provide many different solutions for government like rapid payment processing, white label solutions, and contract processing.

One Chain

Centralizing the Decentralized

Making disparate complex supply chains, seamless, unified and fast.

One Architecture

For Creating Scalability

A layer two solution on top of private, permissioned blockchain systems.

One Source

For Seamless Payments

Payments are frictionless, automated and digital for secure and immediate financial transactions.

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Work With Us!

We're agnostic and work with Companies in any industry to make processes better, faster, and more efficient with blockchain.