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Ternio, Financial Technology,
Ternio, Financial Technology, hero-fintech

The ultimate blockchain platform for banking

From KYC Entry to Central Bank Digital Currency. The Lexicon framework provides a blockchain for any banking use case.

Crypterium ICO ends:

Discount 47% from final price

850K7M MAX
Soft capTotal raised: 1 864 866$

Fixed token edition 3.000.000 BITS

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Ternio, Financial Technology, Payement
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Ternio, Financial Technology, TernioBLOCK250px

Permissioned and Built for Scale

CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a digitized form of money offered by central banks that provide unique advantages for financial inclusion and overall accessibility. Customers get better, faster, and cheaper access to money for interbank settlements, while allowing the bank to cast a wider net of customers across the globe.

A Blockchain Built To Connect

Ternio’s Lexicon blockchain architecture is being used to connect all systems to create one singular data set and Artificial intelligence is being used to sit on top of those data sets.

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Clearance & Settlements
Interbank Transactions
Loans & Credits

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Trade Finance
Regulatory Technology
Regulatory Reporting

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Secure Contracts

Smart Contract Enforcement
Digital Identity Verification

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Crypto Banking

Stock Exchange & Share Trading
Crypto Banking
Record Sharing & Storage

Clearance and Settlements

Our revolutionary proprietary technology has been third-party verified for security and rated at over 1 million transactions/s.

Interbank Transactions

Creating Efficiencies and Improving Results for Wires, Remittances, and Cross Border Payments

Loans and Credits

Make Decisions In Real Time With Our Interface Or Run A Node To Collect Raw Datasets and Extrapolate Customized Results

Ternio, Financial Technology, TernioBLOCK250px

Work With Us!

We're agnostic and work with Companies in any industry to make processes better, faster, and more efficient with blockchain.