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Ternio’s mission is to revolutionize the blockchain industry and we can only achieve that by working with people who share our ethics and values.

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A Few of Our Team Tenants

Team Player

Great team players sport all kinds of personalities. At Ternio, you need to be an active participant and do more than your job title states. Put the team’s objectives above yours and take the initiative to get things done without waiting to be asked. Don’t say why something can’t be done, but tell us how it can be done. We strive to build a stronger, smarter team by hiring people who are better and smarter than us.

Be Open

Ternio gives everyone the opportunity to speak and be heard. When giving feedback, give it early, be direct, be constructive, be honest, and remove your ego from the equation. Too much ego will ruin your talent.

Focus on Impact

At Ternio, every team member is responsible for the product and puts all their effort into pushing the company to the next level. We are are driven to go above and beyond. We are passionate about Ternio and are always looking for new and innovative ideas.

Our Benefits

Work hard, play hard. We want to ensure that every employee feels supported and encouraged to have a healthy balance between work and home commitments. We believe rest and a full life outside of the office makes for a happier, healthier team. Put in the overtime when you need to, but also take time to recharge.

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Competitive Salary

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Comprehensive Health Plans

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Cutting Edge Technology

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Culture of Learning

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Unlimited PTO

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Team Spirit

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