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Beware of Scams Trying To Impersonate Ternio and BlockCard

  • June 16, 2020

One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that the user has individual ownership of their funds.  Unless you have delegated management of your crypto wallet over to a third party service, you are the sole custodian.  This is unlike a traditional bank where you turn stewardship of your funds over to a third party that can exercise actions over your money on your behalf.  With this great advantage of cryptocurrency also comes responsibility of being extra vigilant in protecting your assets.  The benefits of DeFi can also be its achilles heel.

It has come to our attention that BlockCard users and TERN holders are being contacted on popular social media platforms and potentially being put at risk.  This is the unfortunate thing that happens when a company gains popularity in the crypto market.   However, we want to protect consumers from Ternio and BlockCard related scams.

There are a few general guidelines you can use to remain safe:


Verify All Ternio & BlockCard Social Media Accounts

There are many fan pages or forums about Ternio and BlockCard which we think are great!  However, there are others that may only be masquerading as such to defraud users.  It can be difficult to decipher what are fan pages and which are not.  Ternio does not want to discourage you from following or interacting with these pages, but please proceed cautiously.  The only official social media accounts for Ternio or BlockCard are:

Twitter: twitter.com/terniotoken
YouTube: youtube.com/c/terniotoken
YouTube: youtube.com/c/blockcard
Facebook: facebook.com/terniotoken/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/ternio-token/
Instagram: instagram.com/blockcard/
Telegram: t.me/ternio_token
Reddit: reddit.com/r/TernioToken/


Watch for Ternio Impersonators

It’s very easy for con-artists and scammers to create social media profiles on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, or other platforms – impersonating Ternio employees or the BlockCard support team.  The impersonator may contact unsuspecting users when their guard is down, either offering a free giveaway or expedited service by sending the impersonator a crypto deposit.  They almost always use an account that looks almost identical to the team member.  They may also try to use fake social media accounts to trick others via private or direct message into taking some kind of action in an attempt to defraud or compromise.


Never Send Your Cryptocurrency To Anyone

Never send crypto to anyone on social media platforms or participate in free giveaways.  Most importantly, if you receive an odd request via someone in your network, it’s best to double check to confirm the authenticity through multiple mediums of communication.   The Ternio team will gladly authenticate themselves if you are unsure.

You would probably find it suspicious if someone knocked on your front door and claimed to be from your bank and asked for a deposit.  Please exercise that same discretion if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from Ternio.


Never Send Your KYC Details To Anyone

We take compliance seriously and that means collecting detailed information on who is using BlockCard.  There is no way to expedite or circumvent this process using Google forms or alternative chat applications.  The only way to make a deposit or pass KYC is on GetBlockCard.com.


Check the BlockCard Domain and Use 2FA

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a great security option and we recommend all BlockCard users turn it on.  Never share your personal login credentials with anyone and if you suspect your account has been compromised then contact BlockCard Support immediately.

Always verify the BlockCard domain as well.   Scammers can create variations of domains, sometimes adding words like “official” before or after the domain name.  They can also add extra characters such as two r’s in “BlockCarrd” or disguise characters such as  lowercase “L” as an uppercase “i”.

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A little bit of caution can make the entire TERN ecosystem safer and stronger!  If you ever detect a scam, impersonator, or other malicious activity please first report it to the social platform you’re on and bring it to the attention of the Ternio team through our contact form.