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Litecoin Foundation & Ternio team up to release the Litecoin Card

  • August 20, 2020
The Litecoin Card next to the Litecoin Foundation and Ternio logos with blue fireworks.

Ternio has teamed up with the Litecoin Foundation to release the Litecoin Card, a crypto debit card that gives Litecoin holders immediate spending power at over 50 million merchants worldwide. Ternio’s suite of crypto friendly banking products can be whitelabeled by any company wanting to be their own bank. 

Litecoin card users will be able to fund their account with Litecoin or any of twelve other supported cryptocurrencies in order to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. In addition the Litecoin Card can be used to transfer funds or withdraw cash at any ATM. In just a few easy steps, users can have a virtual card issued to them while a physical card is mailed to them. Litecoin enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that users’ funds are kept in Litecoin rather than to fiat, and are only converted to the local fiat currency at the time of purchase. 

“The Litecoin Foundation is excited to partner with Ternio for the upcoming release of the Litecoin Card.  Ternio’s versatility and ability to give customers the power to stay in LTC up until the point of purchase made them the natural platform of choice. The Litecoin Foundation spent months crafting everything from user experience to the card design itself and I could not be more excited to get this in the hands of Litecoin holders and spenders.” – Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin

Ternio, Litecoin Foundation & Ternio team up to release the Litecoin Card, CharlieLeeQuote-300x169

Litecoin Card holders will find that their card functions just as simply as any debit or credit card, with the main distinguishing feature being that funds stay in crypto until the user is ready to spend. Conversions are made instantly and seamlessly for each transaction, whether you’re buying a cup of coffee or a new car. For an even more seamless experience, the Litecoin Card can be connected to Apple, Google or Samsung Pay for easy spending on the go!

“I’m thrilled  that Ternio could partner with the Litecoin Foundation to make the Litecoin Card a reality for the entire LTC community.  Ternio is taking the approach that walled gardens are over, and a rising tide lifts all ships. The end game for our platform is mass adoption, and we want to empower any organization that is focused on the same with the tools that we’ve developed. We’re so excited to see how this project grows, and Litecoin’s vision for the future of personal finance made them a perfect partner.”  – Ian Kane, Co-founder and COO at Ternio.

Readers more familiar with the Ternio Blockcard will recognize some of the features of the Litecoin Card. Ternio launched Blockcard as a way to showcase their ever-growing suite of crypto friendly banking products. The most recent addition to the Blockcard lineup is FDIC insured bank accounts, which act as an easy on-ramp to move from fiat to crypto, with a buy crypto feature available directly from the user dashboard. These services will be made available on the Litecoin Card in the near future. US residents are able to sign up for a free account today and will be the first to receive the Litecoin Card when it goes live.


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