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We empower companies to be their own bank

White-label technologies giving blockchain and cryptocurrency real world banking application.

Crypterium ICO ends:

Discount 47% from final price

850K7M MAX
Soft capTotal raised: 1 864 866$

Fixed token edition 3.000.000 BITS

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Issue Cards

Ternio supports multiple coins and is the only company enabling users to hold crypto until the point of sale. Other cards take a user’s crypto, converts to FIAT, and places the USD value on a card which is the equivalent of buying a gift card.


Deposit Accounts

Deposit accounts made easy with a modern and intuitive interface that handles everything from tracking spend, purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies, or transferring funds.

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Financial Toolkit APIs

Ternio enables companies to build and scale financial products by bringing a suite of product APIs that will integrate seamlessly within your company's current or future technology needs.

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Ternio built the middleware enabling cryptocurrencies to be spent at 40 million merchants world wide.

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Full compliance and validation to secure your users and payment system as required for our partners.

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Ternio is verified at over 1 million transactions per second and will scale higher based on platform need.

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Scalable Blockchain Protocol

Foundation is built on Hyperledger Fabric & Stellar. HLF is already the default choice for enterprise, but it can’t scale. Ternio solves the scaling problem. Alternatives either cannot scale, are too costly, or are not secure.

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